The True History of Rollin B. Lane, His Family and His Castle

Chapter 3: Katherine Azubah Glynn (Lane)

Rollin’s wife Katherine was a college graduate, published author, teacher and lecturer who worked to improve the quality of life in Hollywood through various community service organizations, even serving a term as president of the Woman’s Club of Hollywood.

Later, working with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, she orchestrated the planting of the landmark palm trees that line Wilshire Blvd., as well as hundreds of Japanese cherry trees in and around Griffith Park.

Katherine’s Childhood in Oshkosh:
Katherine Azubah Glynn was born 1861, probably on May 3rd,in Bucktooth, New York. Bucktooth was in Cattaraugus County and over the years has also been referred to Young Valley and Little Valley. She was the daughter of lumberman LaFayette Glynn and Mary Perry Glynn.

Shortly after Katie was born, the family moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin where she grew up and lived for nearly 35 years.

Known as Kate or Katie in her early years, she attended the ward schools of Oshkosh and later graduated from the Oshkosh Normal School, a teachers college.

Mrs. Katherine Lane

Mrs. Rollin B. Lane (1861-1945)

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Oshkosh Normal School - 1871- WHS
Oshkosh Normal School - 1871


Katherine Glynn's Graduation - 1878
Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, June 25, 1878


music presentation - 1878


Kate Becomes a teacher:
Kate loved children and shortly after her graduation from college, she became a teacher in Oshkosh. She remained in that profession until her marriage to Rollin Lane.

1884 - Katie teaching at Algoma St. School
1884-85 Polk and Danser Oshkosh City Directory

Kate as Author:
In 1896, Kate wrote her first and only book, The Girl from Oshkosh, using the pseudonym IKE. Although the book was something less than a best seller, Kate was listed in Who’s Who among North American Authors, 1921-1939. The book was semi-autobiographical.

The Girl from Oshkosh
The Girl From Oshkosh - by Kate A. Glynn, (pseud: IKE)

Copyright 1896 by E. A. Weeks & Co., Chicago



A Glimpse into Katherine’s Ancestry:
Katherine had several distinguished ancestors and she was a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Unfortunately, her ancestry has been embellished and distorted in many books and articles. In one case she is erroneously reported to be the granddaughter of the American Revolutionary War patriot, Nathan Hale, (who never married, had no children and was hanged by British soldiers when he was barely 21 years old.)

So here, with the help of the D.A.R., historian Sue Reynolds-Phaneuf, and the Hale Family Organization, is Katherine’s actual lineage.

Katherine Azubah Glynn was the daughter of lumberman LaFayette Glynn and his wife Mary E. Perry, of Bucktooth, New York, and later Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Katherine was the granddaughter of Dr. Eli Perry and his wife Azubah Wetherbee. Eli Perry was the first settled physician of Ryegate, Caledonia Co., VT.

Katherine was the great granddaughter of Hezekiah Wetherbee and his wife, Lucy Hale. Hezekiah Wetherbee, (1757-1823), served at Bunker Hill, the siege of Boston and the Burgoyne campaign. He was born at Luxemborg, Mass,. and died at Grafton, VT.

Katherine was the great, great granddaughter of Colonel Enoch Hale and his wife, Abigail Stanley. Enoch Hale, (1733-1813), served in the Provincial Congress and as sheriff of Charles County. He raised a regiment to reinforce Sullivan in Rhode Island, and at the close of the Revolutionary War was a member of the State council. He was born at Rowley, Mass., and died at Grafton, VT.

The Hale Family Organization has confirmed that Katherine was a descendent of Thomas Hale and Thomasine Doswett who immigrated to the United States in 1637 and settled in Massachusetts.

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