The True History of Rollin B. Lane, His Family and His Castle

Chapter 4: Rollin and Katherine Lane in Redlands, California

Late in 1895, after 2-4 years of travel, Rollin returned to Redlands, bringing his mother for an extended visit. In January of 1896 he purchased about 17 acres of farm land, with orange groves and an existing 3-story house, from C. J. Monson, Jr., who had relocated to Connecticut. The purchase price was about $13,000..

Lane Residence
The Lane residence in Redlands in 1896.
(Photo courtesy of the A. K. Smiley Public Library - All Rights Reserved)


In October of 1896, Rollin left on what was described as a business trip to Chicago. In addition, or perhaps instead, he returned to Oshkosh and married school teacher Kate Glynn. Available records fail to explain when or how Rollin met Kate. But since they both lived on Algoma St. as children, it’s possible that they or their families had known each other for many years. The ceremony was held in Milwaukee and the couple “immediately” traveled back to Rollin’s farm in Redlands, CA. (See below.).

Rollin and Katherine
Los Angeles Times - October 29, 1896

Kate began using the name “Katherine” at that point, although future press coverage would invariably refer to her as “Mrs. R. B. Lane.”



From 1896 until about 1909, the Lanes maintained their home/farm in Redlands. Rollin became the president of the Redlands Citrus Growers Union and later the Redlands Horticultural Club.

But beginning in 1896, the Lanes began visiting Los Angeles on a regular basis

Maintained home in Redlands. Voted in 1908 - Sold property in 1909 - To Be Continued....

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